Organized By : VELONOS / 8th April 2023

The Thogoto Forest TrailBlazer is the second portion of the 'VeloNos Easter MTB Festival'. Featuring 30KM of mostly single track inside Thogoto Forest, this event promises to be fast-paced and exciting!

Bring your kids to the MTB Funfest Reloaded on the 7th then on the 8th, bring yourself and your friends for this 'fire fire' event!
This is one of several events whose goal is to raise awareness about Thogoto Forest as a recreational destination and also to help the KFS Thogoto Station in its efforts to conserve the same and secure it from illegal activities.
Come one, come all!
PAYBILL: 745611
ACC NO: Your category as per the attached poster.
AMOUNT: 2500/-
If you are paying for both yourself and your child at the same time then you get a 500/- discount hence you pay 3500/- instead of 4000/


0721 771 542
0710 101 026
0726 919 629